One Man’s Desperate Plea: “I Don’t Know How Much Longer We Can Live Here”

Robert and Gary Mann are as close as two brothers can be. But they’re in trouble. Bob is 76. He’s taking care of his brother Gary, who is 63, and lives with the effects of a brain injury he suffered when he was a teenager.

The brothers live together in the house where they grew up in Pittsburgh’s Beechview neighborhood. It’s their haven. Their home. But it’s now literally become a threat to their health and their lives.

Gary and Bob look at the house where they grew up, but may not be able to live in much longer.

Here’s the problem. For years now, the roof on the Mann brothers’ house has been deteriorating to the point where huge holes now let water pour in when it rains or snows.

Even though they have dozens of strategically placed coffee cans and a couple of baby-sized swimming pools to catch the leaks, the ceilings on most of the second floor rooms have rotted through and collapsed. “I keep hoping it’s going to get better,” Bob told me.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That’s daylight shining through the ceiling in one of the bedrooms.

You’ve gotta see it. It’s so bad, the brothers share one bathroom with a hole right over the shower, and Gary has to sleep on a couch in the downstairs living room because his old bedroom is trashed.

Gary got so desperate that he asked a friend to help write me a letter. That started the wheels in motion for a dramatic Get Marty intervention.

Jerry Nasseri and his wife were in the car listening to my show on KDKA radio when I read Gary’s letter on the air.

Jerry, who owns NASCO Roofing and Construction immediately volunteered his expertise, his supplies, and his guys to get the job done and fix this roof.

This is the biggest hole in the roof, but not the only one. Can Jerry and his crew fix it? I know I wouldn’t know where to start.

It’s a huge job. I hope you’re as excited as I am to see what Jerry and his crew are able to do to help these brothers back to some sense of normal, and keep them in the home they love. We’ll be there to let you know how it turns out, so keep checking back as we keep you up to date.

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