This Is What Pittsburgh’s All About! Giving Hope and Help To Neighbors In Need

A couple of weeks ago we made a pledge. We said we’d help our neighbors in Pittsburgh stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic by partnering with amazing local organizations to give out 10 thousand free face masks to people who needed them.

Thousands of masks in colorful bags were prepared for distribution.Spark

Attorneys Julian Gray from Julian Gray Associates and Eric Chaffin from Chaffin Luhana got things rolling by pledging to pay for the masks, and five awesome community partners stepped up to help us distribute them.

And guess what? Thanks to you, it happened!

Everyone who came to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank’s event at PPG Paints Arena got food — and masks.Sparkt

Within the space of one week, Mission: 10K Masks distributed and committed to distribute more than ten thousand masks in the Pittsburgh region. Thanks to our partners, we made a difference for individuals who couldn’t find or afford to pay for masks, helping our community as a whole get back to a new normal more quickly.

The experience was — in a word — inspiring, and reminded us why Pittsburgh is a place where people care about each other:

We can’t say enough about Eric Chaffin and and Julian Gray and their generosity.

But we also owe a debt to our wonderful community partners who work to make a difference every day for neighbors in need, but especially during this unprecedented pandemic:

I even had the privilege and pleasure of making sure people got masks, when I invited people listening to my KDKA-radio show to come to North Park where my family and I were there to distribute them.

My family: Chloe, Sophia, Kristine and Vince at a mask giveaway in North Park.Sparkt

I’m proud to be from Pittsburgh. I hope you are too. From the people who work hard to make a life for themselves and their families, despite many challenges, to the volunteers who are passionate about making a difference, thanks for all you do.

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