People Come For Face Masks For Themselves, And For Others

The Memorial Day holiday is usually a time for family and friends to spend time together. This year a lot of people couldn’t do that because of the coronavirus pandemic hanging over our heads.

At Spart we took the opportunity to help things get back to a “new” normal, by giving out face masks at one of Allegheny County’s biggest parks.

We saw people walking and biking at a safe distance, even having small family picnics in North Park, north of Pittsburgh. We also met folks who came by car to get free masks that we’re giving away, thanks to our partners Eric Chaffin from Chaffin Luhana and Julian Gray from Julian Gray Associates.

All of the people who picked up masks were thankful. Because even though they may want to wear masks when they’re out in public, and are even required to wear them when they do things like grocery shopping, some told me they couldn’t afford them. Many others said they can’t find masks to buy at any price.

It was great to meet some of the people who are fans of Sparkt and listen to me on the radio. It makes our mask give away mean even more.Sparkt

Still others came to get masks not for themselves, but for someone else. A couple of people said they wanted masks for family members who are stuck at home. Others said they had relatives who had health challenges and needed masks. We even met one woman who asked for some extra masks to take to elderly neighbors.

My whole family came to help out: Chloe, Sophia, Kristine and Vince.Sparkt

We’ve promised to give away ten thousand masks in one week to keep people in the area safe, and help get our lives back to normal as quickly as possible.

Keep checking back here at Sparkt to find out where we’ll be next

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