When The World Feels Like A Scary Place, Moms Make Everything Seem Normal

It’s 4:30am. I’m alone. It’s dark. It’s quiet. I’m scribbling on a card my wife made. I describe my writing as scribbling. It’s horrible. It’s the only time anyone ever suggests I should change careers. They look at my hand writing and say “you should be a doctor!” Probably not.

I digress. I’m writing my musings about my wife Kristine again. I’ve done this before. However… it’s Mother’s Day morning in the middle of a pandemic. I’m convinced COVID-19 has raised her value to us… to me… to our family… higher than ever. I describe her as my rainbow. I hope your wife/mom… is yours as well.

If you can read my chicken scratch, you’ll see how all the good qualities of our daughters and son come from Kristine.

COVID-19 has scared our kids. It’s isolated them. Took them from their friends. Took them from their schools… sports… comfort zones. Snatched away their innocence. Words like plague… pandemic… quarantine have invaded their space.

In the middle of all of this moms bring hope… kindness… comfort — and comfort food. Moms become teachers and preachers, doctors and lawyers, settling quarantine disputes between siblings.

“Mothers love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.” wrote philosopher Erich Fromm.

Kristine starts her quaratine days at 5:30am. She does a Zoom workout. Chloe and Vince often exercise with her. Kristine also takes ballet with Sophia… also on Zoom. Kristine sets up online classes for all three. She produces her own TV segments for KDKA while the kids study All before lunch. I’m home for lunch. I recently wrote about how having a chance to hang out with everyone around the kitchen table means so much to to me.

I can’t think of anything more comforting or normal than hanging out on the family room couch on a Sunday.

Before the day is done… there are phone calls… conference calls… art class… also on Zoom, also with the kids. Somehow… some way… somewhere in the middle of all of that Kristine makes dinner. The chronology of my wife’s day… repeated time and time again in this stay at home… try to keep everyone calm COVID-19 world. Repeated time and time again in homes around the world. Rainbow Moms are everywhere.

The kids all made Kristine homemade cards, including Rosie, our new puppy.

Back to me, of course. I’m sitting here in the dark… alone… at 4:30 am on a Mother’s Day. I’m trying to communicate everything I have to say in four paragraphs scrawled on a card. As I mentioned before, Kristine even made the card. She made the card!

I’ve always loved Kristine. I’ve always loved family. COVID-19 put the flame to it… intensified it. Hope it did the same for you.

Our wives. Our Moms. They make a difference every day. I chip away at it. They take a hammer to it. Happy Mother’s Day.

Thanks to all the moms who are the glue that holds our families together!

About Marty Griffin
Marty is a past recipient of three prestigious Regional Emmys for Outstanding Investigative Reporting and also won a Broadcast Achievement Award for an undercover story about Michael Irvin and the Dallas Cowboys. He was named the Best Talk Show Host in Pittsburgh in 2008 for the Pittsburgh Achievement in Radio Awards. Marty shakes things up weekdays 9 am to noon on KDKA Radio.

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