Watch This Woman’s Jaw Literally Drop When We Respond To Her Plea For Help

At age 60, Virginia has found herself in a bad place. She’s a disabled veteran. Like millions of other Americans, she’s out of work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Virginia is also home bound, not because of the stay-at-home order in Pennsylvania, but due to finances. She reached out to Sparkt for help.

“…have not received my unemployment, stimulus check, or Social Security Disability that I qualify for. It’s almost the end of month and my rent and utilities are due. Applying for assistance, but not sure how long that’s going to take.” – Virginia, Disabled Veteran

Getting ready for the big reveal at Virginia’s O’Connor

Virginia tearfully told us that she only has $9 left in her bank account and no clue when several weeks of overdue disability and unemployment payments were coming. That nine bucks is all she had left for groceries, utilities and rent.

She was desperate until we stepped in:

We were able to provide $200 worth of gift cards for groceries, thanks to the generosity of several people who didn’t want any recognition for their help. Another amazing anonymous donor pitched in several hundred dollars to help Virginia pay her bills through this tough time.

It’s truly the kindness of strangers that makes a difference. This is what we’re all about at Sparkt.

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