Can’t Find Face Masks? Here’s How To Request Them From Sparkt

Since the coronavirus pandemic started it has become extremely difficult for people to get face masks. They’re not just hard to buy, they’re hard to find in the first place.

That’s why our friends at Lachina Drapery and Blinds Factory in Dormont, PA, just outside of Pittsburgh, decided to put their team of talented seamstresses to work making cloth masks. Owner, Lisa Lachina, is teaming up with Sparkt to get the masks to people who need them.

Stacks of masks being made at Lachina Drapery and Blind Factory. Dormont, O’Connor

Sparkt founder and CEO Marty Griffin talked to Lisa about how it all came together and why she’s driven to be a helper.

Note: We are not taking additional requests for masks at this time. Keep checking back to see when we resume distributing masks.


In our previous stories, we showed you the Lachina Drapery team working to make these masks. Originally Lachina had planned the masks for donation-only, but demand from paying customers was so great, they were able to re-open the business and put employees to work.

Slideshow: Back To Work Making Masks

Slideshow: Back To Work Making Masks

Slideshow: Back To Work Making Masks

They’re currently turning out roughly 200 each day, all by hand. With the cost to make a mask running $4 a piece, they started selling them for $6 each to those who can afford it.

We are still making masks which are being donated to healthcare workers and first responders. Given the Governor’s…
Posted by Lachina Drapery & Blind Factory on Monday, April 20, 2020

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