When Life Slows Down Here’s How We Find Value in Simple Things

Had soup for lunch today… chicken noodle… and a few peanut butter and jelly crackers. BTW, the chicken noodle soup was homemade. Oh. I also grabbed a chunk of Easter chocolate as I ran out the door.

The lunch was fine. The moment more significant. I had lunch at home.

Kristine, Sophia, Chloe and Vince… all home. Rosey, our new dog, was there too. The kids had pizza.

Next day, home for lunch again. We ate and talked and debated. Discussed the pros and cons of spending Saturday at the local state park and what we would do about Rosey while we’re gone for a few hours. First time we’ve had to think about that:

The truth is… it’s not the menu… it’s the moments that mattered.

Look… we know. COVID-19 tilted the world on its axis. The dangerous… mysterious… deadly virus is blamed for nearly two hundred thousand deaths world wide. Some would argue the economic pandemic the virus has caused is just as devastating.

Still. There’s a new born blessing. Coronavirus has created a Shelter In Place society. Brothers and sisters… husbands and wives… dogs and cats… living together. Whether we like it or not.

For me, I’ve got my kids again! Every night. No ballet. No tennis. No soccer. No lacrosse. No field hockey. No lessons. No rehearsals. All those mommy/daddy shuttles across America are shut down like empty jets in storage on an airport runway.

This is an anti-social homebody’s Nirvana. My perfect weekend pre-coronavirus? Shelter in place. My perfect weekend now? Shelter in place.

I’m NOT trying to diminish the significance or the danger of Covid-19 to our society. The devastation is palpable. Conversely… we can’t diminish the greatness of finding our true family values again.

Look. Everyone’s hurting. Everyone experiencing different levels of angst. But in my home, family is the right elixir. I certainly hope you are finding some of the same in yours.

It was George Bernard Shaw who said “a happy family is but an earlier heaven.”

If I can help you and your family in any way, please let me know at Marty@Sparkt.com. In the meantime, let’s continue helping each other and making a difference.

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