Elder Care In Times Of Crisis, This Is How We Do It

In these times of crisis, social distancing and staying home have greater impact on those who are most susceptible to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Our older population, especially the elderly are at greatest risk to the disease, leaving family members and institutions with new challenges.

It’s not easy to navigate, but attorney Julian Gray and his team at Julian Gray Associates are working to make it easier for their clients and their families to get their legal needs taken care of.

“We’re dealing with the most vulnerable segments of society. elderly clients and their families, people in nursing homes, people in assisted-living facilities, hospitals. It’s a real mess right now.” – Julian Gray, Certified Elder Law Attorney

Sparkt founder and CEO Marty Griffin talked to Julian about the ways they’re doing it and also keeping families in contact with one another.

Julian says they’ve had to get creative to overcome some of the obstacles, like social distancing, to get documents signed. But they have done it and will continue doing whatever they can. That includes outreach from staff members like Susan Cardello. She’s not just an Elder Care Advocate, she’s Julian Gray Associates’ in-house licensed social worker.

She explains some of the challenges people are facing and how they’re dealing with them.

Julian, Susan, and the rest of the team at Julian Gray Associates are continuing to work for their clients throughout the coronavirus crisis. You can reach them by phone at 412-458-6000 and online at GrayElderLaw.com.

About Julian Gray Associates:

Providing Integrated Elder Law And Estate Planning Solutions

Julian Gray Associates provides personalized solutions in the areas of elder law, estate planning and special needs planning.

With nine full time elder law attorneys, and a team of professional staff members, we handle a large variety of elder law matters throughout western Pennsylvania. We have the knowledge and resources needed to handle all types of Medicaid planning and disability planning issues, as well as estate law matters ranging from simple to complex.

Whenever possible, we favor integrated elder law solutions that draw upon multiple sources of funding, such as Medicaid, veterans’ benefits, long-term care insurance and personal estate planning provisions.

Whatever your situation, Julian Gray Associates will carefully analyze your needs and work to achieve your goals in a way that is right for you.

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