It’s So Easy And Felt So Good: How I’m Inspiring Kindness At A Time When Everyone Could Use Some

You know the saying “kindness is contagious”? Well I believe it’s true. I do my best to spread kindness whenever possible. It’s part of the way I was brought up (thanks mom!) and it’s something I try to instill in my son. It’s also a driving force in the work I do with the team here at Sparkt.

Here’s what happened on my way to the Sparkt world headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA this morning. It’s me, with a silly mask, and some random strangers at the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-thru:

Man it feels great to surprise people like this! I hope this inspires you to do something for someone else, no matter how big or small the act. We can all “Start something good” every single day with a small act of kindness, but heck… if you’ve got it in you to do something big, please do!

Now, if you’re wondering about the mask… I figured I would recycle my son’s Halloween costume for some levity while I’m out and about in the world. It’s a little more festive than the medical-style masks or a scarf.

Fist bump of approval from Dunkin’ Donuts worker wearing a bandana.Sparkt/Patrick O’Connor

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