Bringing 10k Sandwiches Program To Communities In Need

It started as a conversation between friends who wanted to do something to help people in need when the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis began.

Attorney Eric Chaffin’s friend had 2,500 pounds of deli meat and his other friend, Sparkt CEO Marty Griffin, enlisted his army of friends and business owners.

Together, through the Chaffin Luhana Foundation, 10,000 sandwiches were assembled in just a matter of days.

The event, which came together in only 6 days, was a massive success in Oakmont, PA, just outside of Pittsburgh. In just over two hours, every sandwich, every bag of chips, every carton of milk was handed out. But it didn’t stop there, the Foundation wanted to do more.

This event was such a success, why not help other law firms hold similar events all over the country? Thus, #10kSandwiches was born. Now the work begins.

The mission of #10kSandwiches is to help feed those in need during national and regional crises. The goal is to engage other businesses and nonprofits to work cooperatively with the general public to do the particular good deeds that are needed, and empower people to create hope for the future.

Still early, the concept seems to already be gaining steam. Attorneys from across the country have started to look into planning their own #10kSandwiches events.

“What I have come to realize is that in times like these, people want to help. They just need hope, which can be created by taking action,” – Eric Chaffin

“And by helping—whether you’re delivering food to the elderly, helping a struggling small business or making masks for our doctors and healthcare professionals on the front lines—people are empowered. They want to do good. They want to do the right thing and help. #10kSandwiches is about more than making sandwiches; it is about thousands of small acts that come together to make up a movement to create hope and positive change.”

Additionally, #10kSandwiches isn’t forgetting where it started; the program is also looking to hold more events in the Pittsburgh area.

Are you ready to make a difference? CLICK HERE or visit to learn more and get involved.

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