Come Along As We Deliver Help To People In Need

We are back on the road in the Pittsburgh area, armed with $1,000 in Giant Eagle grocery store gift cards, and they’re going to families who need it the most.

People need help now, and they’re getting it thanks to a group of special people who opened their hearts and wallets. Here are some of the amazing people we met along the way, sharing their situations and their gratitude.

Stop after stop, we heard different stories about the struggles people are facing. Some are disabled and can’t get out. Others are laid off, furloughed, or dealing with job losses from before the pandemic.

Each person is different, but each story has a common thread. They’re all people who need help through the current crisis.

We’re continuing to work through a list of nearly 50 families in need that we received from 412 Food Rescue’s founder and CEO, Leah Lizarondo.

Please check out the amazing work Leah and her team continue to do, connecting people in need with perfectly good food that would otherwise have gone to waste.

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