Drapery Factory Starts Making Masks To Give Away

When Lisa Lachina decided to explore making medical masks at her drapery and blind factory in Dormont, just outside of PIttsburgh, she had no idea the response she would get.

Before Lachina Drapery and Blinds Factory even had clearance to open, requests had already started pouring in for more than 5,000 masks. After we got involved, she was able to open up and bring several employees back to work.

The amazing women at the factory are able to make about 100 masks a day, all by hand. Here’s how they’re doing it and why Lisa is doing this all for FREE:

The demand is so high that Lisa is now having to turn people away. Her small staff, as talented as they are, have to make each mask by hand. It’s tedious and time consuming work. For the time being, they aren’t taking any more requests because they have so many to fill. We’ll let you know if that changes.

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