Sparkt Partners Making 10,000 Sandwiches To Feed Community

It started with a text early one morning this week from my friend Eric Chaffin and his non-profit the Chaffin Luhana Foundation. He wanted to do something big to help out parents and children in the Pittsburgh area while schools are closed and money is tight. I quickly started reaching out and together we mapped out a plan.

Eric reached out to a friend. He wasted no time deciding to send nearly 3,000 pounds of deli meat from Nations Best Meat Wholesalers, Inc. in New York City. That’s enough for a lotta sandwiches!

Alright, so we’ve got the meat… but who’s gonna slice it? Someone’s gotta build these sandwiches too. This is where my friend Marc Serrao and his amazing family and employees at the Oakmont Bakery (in Oakmont, just east of Pittsburgh) are stepping up. Marc and his son Tony have organized the rest of the sandwich building process and even tapped other businesses to help with slicing the meat, providing bread and buns, lettuce, even the cheese. We’ll have more details soon on everyone who’s helping out.

The sandwich giveaway is set for Monday at Oakmont Bakery, east of Pittsburgh.

There are a lot of moving parts that will need to come together to help get 10,000 sandwiches made and then to get them distributed on Monday, March 23.

Here’s my discussion with Eric Chaffin on KDKA Radio about how this all came together:

The Allegheny County Health Department has given us the okay to do this, keeping all safety practices and protocols in place. Even the Oakmont Police and Fire Departments are helping out to provide traffic control. What a great community effort to #StartSomethingGood!

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