Big Move Coming For Widow Who Asked For Help With New Roof

The roof of Cathy McKeever’s home in Upper St. Clair, south of Pittsburgh, was not only deteriorating, the attic was rotted out, and there was also severe water damage and mold growing. All together it was simply too much and Cathy needed to do something fast.

Sparkt/Patrick O’Connor

Just to give you an idea, check out the picture above. That is just one of the four bedrooms in the home. Three others have similar damage where the ceilings have collapsed. A roofer and contractor looked at the extent of the damage. In the end it would have been too much for Cathy to live through the repairs, and the cost would be massive, nearly $100,000.

That’s where realtor Hoddy Hanna, whose father started Howard Hanna Real Estate, came in. I reached out and he introduced me to the man that would become Cathy’s life-saver, Ryan Shedlock. Ryan is a real estate agent with Howard Hanna, and he pulled off a miracle, selling the house on the same day as the open house.

We met up with Cathy and Ryan to find out what is happening now and what happens next.

So what’s next for Cathy? Packing and cleaning. Lots of it. She’s already started the process of boxing up things she wants to keep and take to her new apartment. She has a little over a month to get all of that done and then begin her new life in her new place. The worries about how she was going to deal with fixing the house are now gone, thanks to the kindness of strangers.

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The home was built in 1977 and still has its original roof, covered by blue tarps.

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Cathy and her late husband Steve lived in their home together for 32 years.

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