Why Only A Lone Stranger Attended Funerals For Three Veterans

It’s a busy day at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies just outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Ahead of us is one funeral and a large crowd of people is there to honor someone who served their country. It’s quite a contrast to what is about to happen. Once that service is complete, and that soldier or sailor’s family has departed it will be a much different scene.

Sparkt/Patrick O’Connor

There are three hearses for the next funerals, carrying three men who served. One was in the United States Marine Corp, another in the Navy, and the third served in the Army. Three separate branches, but these men all share something in common.

They’re alone. No friends. No family. It’s a sad truth. What they do have, however, is a proper, respectful sendoff that every man and woman who serves deserves. Without a special group of volunteers this would not happen.

This isn’t the first forgotten veteran’s funeral we’ve told you about. The first was in November of 2019 and there have been dozens more since then. When we spread the word last time, a few dozen people were able to join us for the service. You can watch more in the stories below, including details about the group “The Missing In America” and their mission to re-claim thousands of unclaimed veterans’ remains nationwide.

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