Warm Hearts Keep Cold At Bay For Over A Thousand Families In Need

“As temperatures continue to drop tonight, imagine going to sleep with no heat in your home. No family should have to face a winter without safe utility service,” Dollar Energy Fund posted to Facebook.

That is the unfortunate reality that many people face each winter, not being able to afford basic utilities such as heat. Dollar Energy Fund is a nonprofit organization that partners with utility companies to help people in need keep their utilities on. Their services are available throughout the year, but during the winter, they provide an extra fundraising boost with the Warmathon and Cool Down for Warmth events.

Volunteers take donations over the phone during the 2020 WarmathonDollar Energy Fund – Facebook

Now in its 12th year, the Warmathon has helped raise over $3 million with $171,000 this year alone. It is a two-day radio-based fundraiser hosted on KDKA Radio in Pittsburgh, PA. “Our region rallies to support our neighbors in need year after year through this event and we are overwhelmed by the continued generosity of our community,” said Chad Quinn, chief executive officer of Dollar Energy Fund. “The timing of this support is significant as many in this region are unsure of how they will afford their winter heating bills. Through Dollar Energy Fund, many individuals, families and seniors have a place to turn to get the help they need to stay safe and warm in their homes.”

Dollar Energy Fund – Facebook

Each individual donation that comes in during the Warmathon is matched dollar for dollar by Dollar Energy Fund’s utility partners, giving an extra incentive for callers to donate.

Their other winter-themed event, Cool Down for Warmth, raised the bar even higher, raising a whopping $315,000 on January 23rd and 24th. The main attraction for the event is a large ice house, constructed completely out of huge ice blocks to raise awareness for the thousands of families in the region in danger of losing utility service.

The ice house constructed for Cool Down for WarmthAndrew Rush via Dollar Energy Fund – Facebook

“Limited-income families in our city will try to keep their houses warm so their children can sleep well at night. They will struggle to keep their pipes from freezing so they can shower for work,” says Dollar Energy on its website. Thanks to these two mammoth fundraising efforts, however, this winter will be much more manageable for thousands.

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