Mr. Good Deeds Gets His Own Good Deed And More!

If you’ve been following the amazing acts of kindness carried out by Pittsburgh’s “Mr. Good Deeds”, Jon Potter, you’ve probably seen the funky Honda van he uses to get to and from his good works.

The Good Deeds VanSparkt/Jon Potter

The good deeds go on, but it’s time to retire the Good Deeds “Mystery Machine” — admit it, Jon’s van does kind of look like the infamous van used by Scooby Doo and his crew, minus the neon colors!

Scooby Doo/“The Mystery Machine”

Obviously the van is pivotal to Jon’s effort to help people. It hauls him and his handyman tools and materials to job sites, so without it he can’t do many of his good deeds. This is where the beauty and kindness of strangers kicks in. One local business just stepped up to donate a used van, and another is stepping up to fix it up.

How amazing is that?!? Jeff Critchlow, owner of Critchlow Auto Body and Car Care Center in Pittsburgh’s North Hills is having his team check out the van and fix it up to keep the Good Deeds rolling. Keep an eye and ear out for updates as that process gets moving.

We’ll also let you know about the other project Jeff has committed to doing to give back even more to the community. Stay tuned!

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