About Marty’s Journey

Marty Griffin is a radio and TV personality, and Sparkt’s CEO. He’s also a survivor of HPV-related throat cancer. Marty’s Journey chronicles his battle, brings hope to others, and advocates for the life-saving HPV vaccine.

Marty’s Journey began in August 2018 when he discovered a lump in his neck while shaving. Doctors said his cancer was caused by exposure to the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), a virus that’s present in virtually all adults and causes 70% of all head and neck cancers and almost all cases of cervical cancer. Marty took the unprecedented step of allowing Sparkt’s cameras to follow him through every step of his cancer battle. You’ll see the good times, when friends, family and strangers help Marty keep up his spirits and he works to support other cancer warriors he meets along the way. And you’ll be there for the tough milestones, as Marty loses his ability to eat solid food, loses weight, loses his hair, and is forced to take a hiatus from his radio talk show.

You’ll go along with Marty as he gets new cutting-edge treatments that could benefit you or someone you know. Learn about Marty’s wife Kristine Sorensen’s tips for keeping him fed even when eating was the last thing he wanted to do, and see the handy app she discovered that helped her keep their circle of family and friends informed about his progress. You’ll be there as Marty rings the Cancer Celebration Bell to mark the end of his treatment.

Come along as Marty’s Journey continues as Marty undergoes periodic scans, travels to Washington D.C. to lobby for cancer research funding, and passionately advocates for all teens and pre-teens to be vaccinated against HPV to prevent cancer in the future.

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