Community Rallies To Feed Stranded Passengers

The holidays may be over, but stories of giving are still very much in season.


Like this one about Salvation Army volunteer Brian Snow, who helped to feed around 75 plane passengers stranded in his town on Christmas Day. A plane that was heading from Toronto to St. John’s was grounded in Deer Lake, Newfoundland and Labrador due to bad weather. When Snow heard the passengers were sent to the Holiday Inn Express with no available food nearby, he gave up celebrating Christmas with his family to help out.


Snow put out a call on social media for folks to bring what they could to the hotel and “show the true Christmas spirit.”


Within an hour, the post was shared over 60 times and members of the community brought leftover turkey, fresh baked bread, sandwiches and cookies for a makeshift potluck dinner in the hotel lobby. One community member even brought homemade rabbit stew. 


“We fed most of them and they were very thankful,” Snow, who wore a Santa outfit at the event, told CBC. “To me it was what Christmas is all about. The real meaning of Christmas.”


The passengers shared photos to social media and expressed their thanks to Snow and the community for putting together such a nice spread.

(Source: Karen KayCee Facebook

This wasn’t the first time that Newfoundlanders helped out a group of strangers. After the 9/11 terrorist attacks, 38 planes were forced to land in the town of Gander, where the community helped to house and feed nearly 7,000 stranded passengers for a few days. There’s even a Tony-award winning musical about it called Come From Away. 

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After the meal, Snow arranged about 30 cars to give all of the passengers rides back to the airport to catch their flight.


Aside from providing a wonderful example of the true meaning of Christmas, the moral of this story is if you’re going to get stranded anywhere, hope that it’s Newfoundland!


Inspired by this community’s incredible act of kindness? You may not have the opportunity to feed 70 stranded airplane passengers, but you can be open to helping others when the need does arise. You can also serve others in smaller ways by helping to serve meals at a local homeless shelter, or volunteering with the Salvation Army.


Let’s #StartSomethingGood together. 

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