Community Helps Locate Olympian’s Cane, Lost for a Year

In December of 2018, Weldon “Weldy” Olson went shopping at Lowe’s but came home without his cane.

This was no ordinary cane, though. Olson was a member of the 1960 gold medal winning U.S. Olympic hockey team, and his son had the cane made specially for him out of a hockey stick, to ensure that he would always have a hockey stick in his hands. Olson realized that he must’ve left the cane on a shopping cart (the silver lining, perhaps is that he must walk pretty well at 86!). 

“I went right back into Lowe’s then, and asked if anybody had turned it in, and nobody had,” Olson told WTOL in Toledo, OH.

The Olsons, hoping that someone in the community would recognize the lost cane, went to the Findlay Police Department for help. The Findlay PD posted on their Facebook page, urging anyone with information to come forward, no questions asked.  

A close-up of Olson’s custom cane

A year went by and the community kept up the search, but to no avail. “I hope he gets it back. He is a sweet sweet gentleman.” said one community member on Facebook.

Then on December 23rd, the Findlay PD Facebook page posted the update that everyone had been waiting for: “An alert citizen observed the missing cane in a vehicle parked at Walmart… and notified our agency.”

Olson was able to confirm for the police that the cane in the vehicle was, in fact, his. He declined to press any charges, relieved that his cane was back in his possession.  

Olson helped bring the U.S. their first Olympic hockey gold medal in 1960.

Weldy Olson had a storied hockey career. He is a member of the Michigan State Hall of Fame, the U.P. Sports Hall of Fame, the Michigan Amateur Sports Hall of Fame, the Hancock County, Ohio Sports Hall of Fame, the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame, the US Hockey Hall of Fame. That’s quite a resume, and it serves to emphasize the importance of hockey in his life. Thankfully he’ll once again be able to carry a piece of hockey with him wherever he goes. 

(Images: Findlay Ohio PD Facebook page, Wikimedia Commons)

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