School Bus Driver Rewarded For His Legacy Of Kindness

School bus driver Curtis Jenkins is maybe the most popular bus driver in the country. He’s definitely a superstar in the Richardson Independent School District in Dallas, TX, where he works.


Last year, he asked all of the students on his bus what they wanted for Christmas. Once he had their “lists” he used his own money, along with some donations from the community, to fill up his bus with 70 wrapped Christmas gifts.


Jenkins told Dallas-Fort Worth’s NBC-5 that he and his wife decided to not buy each other gifts so that he could play Santa for his students.


“That little time they have with me, it means so much,” Jenkins told NBC 5. “I’m the first face they see before they get to school in the morning. I call my bus a community. We love each and everybody in the community.” 


Along with buying the children Christmas gifts, Jenkins assigns each of them a special “job” each year to promote a sense of community and responsibility. When the students carry out the duties of their jobs, Jenkins gives them “Bus Bucks” to use toward paying for school supplies he provides.  

Here’s Jenkins on The Rachael Ray Show last year…they surprised him with a check for $10K to pay him back for buying all of his passengers Christmas gifts.


Possibly the best thing about Jenkins is that he never asks for anything in return for his kindness. He does it because of his love for the students, and that’s it. He’s in the process of setting up a non-profit called ‘Magnify, Caring and Change’ to continue his charity work.  


That’s why, when an anonymous donor reached out to the school’s superintendent, Jeannie Stone, with a surprise ‘reward’ in mind for Jenkins, she was more than happy to oblige.


At the school district’s annual convocation ceremony in August, Stone presented Jenkins with a brand-new Chevy Tahoe SUV in front of a packed auditorium of students and staff from the district. Stone wore a t-shirt with the phrase ‘Say Something’ on it, a motto for the school to speak up and encourage positivity. 

(Source: Richardson ISD)


“If you want to see a theme of ‘Say Something’ lived out, and a heart lived out through work, it’s Mr. Curtis Jenkins,” Stone said.

“You have put Richardson ISD on the map,” she continued. “In exactly the way we want to say something to the world about what we want to do for kids. We’re so grateful for that.”


Not only was Jenkins awarded with a new car, the district gave him a promotion to teach courses on how to have better student relationships.


We think what Jenkins is doing for kids on his bus is amazing. Aside from being a good role model, he’s showing them what’s possible when you give to others for no other reason than because you can.


If you’d like to support Jenkins and his charity efforts, you can make a donation to his non-profit, ‘Magnify, Courage and Change.’


You can also be like Jenkins by helping others in your community. Whether it’s starting a donation drive for school supplies, or signing up to serve meals at a local homeless shelter. Even the smallest acts of kindness go a long way. Let’s #StartSomethingGood together.  


(Source: images Curtis Jenkins Facebook)

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