Police Chief Goes Above And Beyond To Deliver Lost Packages

The police chief of Valley Township, PA is adding a new title to his resumé: “Amazon delivery driver.”


Chief Brian Newhall got a call on Saturday from a resident who said there were a bunch of Amazon packages scattered on her street. When he went to investigate, he picked up more than a dozen packages that had been abandoned by an Amazon driver earlier that day. 


Newhall collected the packages and took them to the station. He contacted Amazon to come and pick them up. When he didn’t get a response, he took it upon himself to deliver all of the packages himself.


“Nobody came and nobody ever called me back,” Newhall told WPVI-TV


Reporters from WPVI went with the chief as he delivered a few of the packages – one of which was addressed to a family that lived on a farm 35 minutes away.


When Newhall arrived at the house, the entire family came to greet him and express their gratitude.


“I think it says a lot,” Liz Allgyer, who lives on the farm, said. “They are very kind people.”


When asked why Newhall took on the task of getting the packages to people, he said it was “the right thing to do.”


“I’m very lucky that my township is a very caring township, and our supervisors fully support us doing this kind of thing,” he said.


Like the delivery he made to the farm, Newhall knows that some of the areas where the packages were going to are very rural, and he says people could be waiting a very long time to receive them, especially if they’re lost.


After shaking one of the padded envelopes, he heard pills rattling inside. “Who knows,” he said. “Some of these people might be waiting on medicine.”                                                          


Thanks to the kindness of Chief Newhall, it doesn’t appear they’ll be waiting long at all.

Chief Newhall’s act of kindness may seem small. But because he stopped rather than simply ignoring the lost items on the road and hoping someone else would take care of the problem, he’s made a lot of people happy – and maybe even kept someone healthy in the process.


It’s a lesson that we all can learn from, to take responsibility and do more for others, even if it might not be the most convenient thing.

Let’s #StartSomethingGood together.


(Source: images WPVI-TV)

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