Diners Surprise Server With $800 In Tips As Part Of Holiday Giving Campaign

A server at a Waffle House in Woodlawn, OH got a sweet surprise last week when a group of diners came in and each left her a $100 tip.


The act of kindness was part of a �Shock and Claus� effort, a holiday social media movement that one of the diners, Tabatha Adams, explained in a Facebook post on her page.


We meet for breakfast, you must bring a $100 Bill, we eat and pay the bill and the rest is a tip.

So if 10 go, that is a $1,000 and the bill is $150, the tip is $850.

We trust the Universe to take us to the right person to be blessed.


The universe led Adams and a group of six others to the Waffle House, where they paid for their meals at the counter and each left Mikia, a single mother of five, a $100 tip. She received $600 from the group, and when two other diners ended up joining the fun she ended up with a total of $800 in tips � all from strangers who wanted to pay it forward.

“It’s not like I have a million dollars and can just give away money,” Adams told WCPO-TV. “So, as one person, you really can’t do a lot — but you’re gonna find your people. I hope more people can do it.”

In a video that Adams later shared to Facebook, you can see Makie becoming more emotional as each of the diners gave her a $100 bill as a tip.


“Y’all trying to make me cry,” Mikia said as she realized what was going on. “Thank you guys for the blessing, every single last one of y’all.”


After Adams told her why they were there, Mikia came out from behind the cash register and shared hugs with the group.


One of the other diners, Simon Armor, said he had been looking forward to being part of �Shock and Claus� all week.


“I think it’s contagious,” Amor said. “Giving is contagious. When she looked at me and her eyes were tearing up, it took everything not to kind of get choked up at that moment.”


Adams and her friends showed what the holiday season is truly all about � giving back. 

To see how others surprised people with generosity in their communities over the holidays, check out the #ShocknClaus hashtag on social media. Why not get a group together and start planning your own gathering to pay it forward? Let�s #StartSomethingGood together. 


(Source: images & video Tabatha Adams Facebook)

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