9-Year-Old Donates Hundreds Of Socks And More For Homeless

The 9-year-old girl you’re about to meet is outshining many adults I know. She has drive, determination, and most of all heart. Emily Allen just did something amazing and it’s not the first time she’s done it.

Emily’s mom, Jill, tells us her little girl decided last November that she was going to make a difference. After talking to one of her friends about how difficult it must be to be homeless she decided to put her birthday money to use, buying socks and blankets to donate.

Jill got Emily involved in Pittsburgh Mercy’s Operation Safety Net. The program helps people in need with shelter, meals, medical service and more. Emily’s was able to buy 70 pairs of socks the first time but then she encouraged her friends, family, Girl Scout Troop and others to get involved. The final collection consisted of more than 200 items (socks, gloves, hats, scarves, and blankets) plus four bags of winter clothing.

This year blew that away. She was able to collect cash donations of $245 to buy clothing plus collecting donated items. In the picture above, Emily is buying boots with the donated money.

After dropping off one round of donations, Emily’s mother says her daughter told her “I just love doing that!”

Pittsburgh Mercy’s Operation Safety Net

  • How You Can Help
  • Contact: Development Office at 724-934-3537
  •  Winter Shelter 1-877-637-2924

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