Detroit Lions QB Surprises Boys Who Lost Their Dad

It’s been a tough year for two families in Michigan. One is a wife and mother of three young boys who lost their husband and father unexpectedly in September. The other is a professional football player who suffered a season-ending broken back in November, just six months after his wife needed brain surgery to remove a benign tumor. Fate and a little social media magic brought them all together in a caught-on-tape meeting that might be the video of the year.

“If you ever, for a second, worry about �goodness� in the world. If you ever think professional athletes don�t connect with people… Watch this,” wrote an emotional Deanna Harb on her Facebook page, where she posted the video of Detroit Lions quarterback Matt and Kelly Stafford surprising fans Talon, Skyler, and Tyson Krause at their home a ten days ago. Harb is the cousin of their late father, Conor Krause, who died this fall. Watch:

The boys’ mother Heather was shooting from a different angle, and you can hear her nearly hyperventilating when she realizes that the family’s favorite QB and his wife are on the doorstep, bringing gifts and good cheer to her sons.

It appears the start to this wonderful moment got rolling when Kelly Stafford put out the call on Instagram last month: “We’re looking for a person or a family that might need a little extra holiday cheer this year. Maybe they have had to endure something no one should have to go through and just need an extra reason to smile during the holidays!” 

The Staffords took pictures with the family, and even stuck around long enough to play video games (Madden NFL, with Matt Stafford playing, well, Matt Stafford), with the boys’ hoots and hollers of joy also caught on tape:

Heather Krause posted her gratitude on her Facebook page. “My mind is blown!!! We are speechless! Such amazing people!! Truly blessed!”  Cousin Deanna agreed in a post on her page:

People are so, so, good. And I know my cousin is beaming from Heaven.

It was a joyful but brief respite for the Krause family. Not only is Heather now the sole support for her boys since husband Conor’s death, she’s also taking care of their aunt who has a traumatic brain injury. If you’d like to help Krauses, their friends have set up a GoFundMe page (click here) to cover their expenses.

(The Krause boys with their late father, Conor, on Father’s Day 2019)

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