Girl’s Christmas Wish Was To Help Homeless Animals

While most kids were focused on asking Santa — or their parents — for the latest gadgets and toys for Christmas, one little girl asked for people to give her money to buy pet food and supplies for her local animal shelter. On Christmas Eve, 8-year old Landyn Wadsworth was able to deliver 600 pounds of food to the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter in Pasco, located in south-central Washington state.

The shelter posted a picture of Landyn standing next to a cart full of dog and cat food (taller than she is!) and holding a sack full of supplies for the animals.

Landyn’s donation brought a flurry of well-deserved comments on the shelter’s Facebook page. “You are my little hero!” wrote Julie. “We need more kids like you in this world,” said Stephany. Gale agreed, writing “We can learn a lot from this girl.” Lienda even went so far as to predict: “The next UN Ambassador y´┐Żall!”

“I hope all children grow up and be like her.” — Martha Warren on Facebook

Don’t we all! One thing we know, Landyn’s future is sure to be full of lots more acts of kindness! 

If she can #StartSomethingGood, why not you? If you also like to help animals, Adopt-a-Pet (click here) is a great resource to help you find an animal shelter near you to donate or volunteer. Or if making life better for people is more your thing, Volunteer Match (click here) makes it easy to plug in your zip code and indicate the type of opportunity you’re looking for, to be matched with appropriate organizations.

(Images: Tri-Cities Animal Shelter Facebook page)

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