Father and Son Donate Car To Family In Need

It’s a dream for many teens to get their first car, and you can imagine they would probably be hesitant to give it up. When Dan Wallace asked his teenage son Brad if he would give up his vehicle to a family in need, there was no arguing, no “why should I” he just said “I’m in!” I was able to get them all together in person for the first time to do the title transfer.

The car is going to Brian and Molly Welch and their teenage daughter Zoe. Just a few weeks ago, Brian and Molly were both unemployed and living in a Salvation Army shelter in Pittsburgh. Both lost their jobs and housing about the same time forcing their family to seek help.

(From left to right: Brian, Zoe, and Molly Welch; Dan and Brad Wallace)

This is another example where the kindness of strangers is not only moving, it’s life changing. After I took their struggle public on my KDKA Radio show, things started happening quickly. We got them into an apartment. Other �strangers� filled the new Welch home with new dishes and donated furniture.

Brian now has a job at Giant Eagle Market District and is becoming a meat cutter’s apprentice. Now, thanks to Dan and Brad, He has a way to get back and forth to work.

You can discover more about the Welch’s story and the heroics of strangers in Marty’s Message: A Man, His Son, And A Car Changes A Family

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