Volunteers Form Relay To Return Stolen Dog To Family

Cassandra Rasmussen of Butte, MT was devastated when she returned home one day in October and found that she had been robbed by someone she had considered a friend.


Along with taking money and some of her belongings, the �friend� took her dog Zeus with him when he fled. The suspect was recently apprehended in West Virginia, where Zeus was turned over to the Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association, who found out from the dog�s microchip that its owner was in Montana. 

Since many airlines do not allow pitbulls to fly, the humane society reached out to an organization called Many Paws Volunteer Transport to make a plan for getting Zeus back to Montana. Soon after, Many Paws organized a relay team of 15 volunteer drivers to help return Zeus to his family in time for Christmas.

The journey took four days and drivers crossed over nine states, with one volunteer traveling over 600 miles with Zeus in the passenger seat. The Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association posted updates on Zeus� journey to their Facebook page and the drivers shared photos and stories as they traveled with Zeus. News outlets picked up the story along the way and shared Facebook live videos of the volunteer hand-offs in various states.


After the 2,000+ mile journey, a tired-but-happy Zeus arrived to Montana on Monday and was reunited with his owner Cassandra and her two daughters.


�Montana Zeus is HOME!� the humane association shared in a Facebook post. �We�re so honored to be a part of his journey, and grateful for the volunteers nationwide who made this reunion possible!� 

�While Zeus� journey is a heartwarming holiday story, it�s just a glimpse into what animal welfare organizations do 365 days per year, in order to save pets� lives and reunite families. After all, it�s #allforlove. #whywerescue,� the association added. 

Inspired by this amazing act of kindness? Many Paws Volunteer Transport works with shelters all over the country to get animals where they need to be. Click here to sign up and the organization will contact you when there�s a need in your area. 


You can also donate to your local humane society to help keep animals safe in your community. Click here to find a shelter near you.


(Source: images & video Kanawha-Charleston Humane Association Facebook)

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