Police Go Above And Beyond For Woman, Lost 200 Miles From Home

Police take an oath to protect and serve, but the officers in the Elizabeth Boro, PA police department are going beyond the call of duty!  Today officers are driving halfway across the state to make sure a woman has her car in time for Christmas.  

This story actually started last Wednesday when 85-year old Janet Finegan of York, PA headed out for a quick trip. The next day Finegan ended up in Elizabeth, southeast of Pittsburgh, more than 200 miles away from her home. As KDKA-TV reported, Finegan’s car broke down on a side street and that’s where Elizabeth police found her hours later. Elizabeth Boro Police Chief Bill Sombo told KDKA he’s glad they did. “She could�ve been on some back country road and run out of gas at the same time and with it as cold as it is outside.”

Police took the disoriented, hungry and cold woman to their headquarters. Once they were able to contact her family and let them know she was OK, they took Janet out to breakfast, and then eventually two officers drove her halfway to York where relatives met up with her.  The officers didn’t stop there. Janet’s car couldn’t be driven. So, KDKA reports, the police took it to a local dealer, C Harper, and they agreed to fix Janet’s Saturn at no charge. Now, as a surprise, they’re making sure her car is back home in time for Christmas.

According to the department’s Facebook page: “As of right now the Chief of Police and officers are delivering this car across the state unbeknownst to her that she will have her car in time for Christmas! Merry Christmas Mrs. Finegan!!!”

Merry Christmas to you too, Elizabeth Boro Police! You embody what it means to be public servants. �I just want to show, we�re all about helping people,” said Chief Sombo. “Police officers aren�t all bad. We�re out here to help people.�

(Images: Elizabeth Boro Police Department Facebook page)

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