Police Officers Save Christmas For Family Whose Car Was Stolen

Sarah, a single mom in Denver, CO, got a real �Nightmare Before Christmas� last week when she found out her car, with all of her Christmas gifts for her son inside, was stolen from in front of her home. She had hidden the gifts out of sight and double-checked that the car was locked, but that still didn�t stop a real-life Grinch from taking off with the car and presents in tow.


After she realized what happened, an emotionally distraught Sarah called the Jefferson County Sheriff�s Office and filed a report. Sadly, she knew she couldn�t afford to replace all of the presents and her car was not insured for theft.


After taking the report, JSCO deputies decided they weren�t going to let the incident ruin the family�s Christmas. They donated hundreds of dollars from their own bank accounts to replace almost all of the gifts that were stolen. The officers also gave Sarah some cash to help them get through the holidays, and they�re working with Sarah�s company to help her even further.


While that�s enough to melt any Scrooge�s heart, the officers� good will didn�t stop there. When they found out Sarah�s son Oliver wants to be a police officer when he grows up, and that he dressed as a SWAT deputy for Halloween, they invited him and his mother to stop by the precinct where they gave him the gifts and let him check out the patrol cars. They even gave Oliver his own SWAT patch!


There were tears, hugs and lots of high fives when Sarah found out what the officers were doing for them. 

The Jefferson County Sheriff�s Office posted to Facebook and shared the family�s story, along with some photos from Oliver�s visit to the station.


�No Grinch will ruin this family�s Christmas on our watch,� they wrote.


While the investigation into the stolen car remains ongoing, JSCO advises anyone who wants to help to reach out to the office�s Victim Advocate, Susan Sylvester, at (720) 497-7249.

Inspired by the JCSO�s amazing act of kindness? You may not be able to give hundreds of dollars to a family in need, but you can help out in other, smaller ways. You can donate a toy to Toys for Tots (click here to find the drop-off location nearest you), or Be a Santa to a Senior by donating and/or distributing gifts in your area. Let�s #StartSomethingGoodTogether.


(Source: images Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office Facebook)

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