Teen Creates App To Help Care For Grandmother With Dementia

When Logan Wells� grandmother started showing signs of dementia, it was hard on his family. Not only for his grandmother whose memory was slipping more each day, but for his parents and extended family who became responsible for providing around-the-clock care. 


“It became really hard to stay on the same page, because we had to have multiple group chats,” Wells told BestLife.


And they’re not alone. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, in the U.S., 16.3 million family members and friends of people with dementia provided 18.5 billion hours of unpaid care to their loved ones in 2018. 


His grandmother’s diagnosis gave the 19-year old an idea for an app that would make it easier for family and caregivers to coordinate care for their loved ones with dementia. He called it CareZare, and its main function is to allow people to make a profile for the person with the illness. Then, they can invite others to join and get notifications. Users can also create To-Do lists and assign tasks to other caregivers, like giving grandma her medication, which can be marked as completed.


Other functions of the app are the ability to create an event and log a person�s mood so that the next caregiver is warned if the person is cranky or irritable. There�s a place to take and share notes with others using the app, and users can schedule events using a built-in calendar. Basically, the app allows everyone to get on the same page when caring for a loved one.

Here’s a tutorial video explaining how to create a Care Team on the CareZare app…

Wells is currently going to community college and is learning how to run a business. He manages CareZare with the help of his parents (pictured with Logan below), who contribute different skills to the development of the app. Currently, there are 600 families using CareZare, and he�s hoping to get more people on board soon. 

“Our users have been great about giving us feedback so we can tailor the app to their needs,” he said. “Caregiving is such an important issue for them because it’s so personal for them, just as it is for me.”


With an estimated 5.8 million people expected to be living with Alzheimer�s disease by 2050, Wells stresses the importance of reaching out to others for support when someone in your family is diagnosed.


“Find support groups and friends and family, whether in person or online,” he said.

“Knowing that you’re not alone makes a big difference.” – Logan Wells

You can download CareZare for Apple or Android devices and sign up for caregiving tips on the website. There are tutorials available with instructions on how to use the app.


(Source: images & video CareZare Facebook)

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