10-Year-Old Raises Money To Buy Lego Sets For Sick Children

Ten-year-old Blake Gustitus is spreading kindness to sick kids in his hometown, one plastic brick at a time.

Blake started collecting Lego sets for his �Legos for Love� project in October and has delivered hundreds of sets to kids at children�s hospitals near his hometown of Londonderry, NH. The Friday after Thanksgiving, he delivered over 50 sets to Southern New Hampshire Medical Center.

Blake�s mother, Marybeth Gustitus, has been supporting her son�s project since he started, even if it means her car is now mainly used as a �Lego mobile� for transporting the sets he collects to hospitals.

“I said, ‘What’s the vision of this? How big do you imagine this getting?'” she told WMUR-TV. “He said, ‘You know, I don’t want it to stop.'”

Blake was inspired to give back after his family got help from their community in 2018 after their house burned down. When the people in the town supported them through a very tough time, he promised to do the same for others.

�I truly believe that when people give to me, that I need to give back to them,� he said.

Blake has been a Lego fanatic since he was a toddler, and he enjoys being able to share something he loves so much with others. He even has a YouTube channel called �Legos for Life,� where he films himself unpacking and building Lego sets for his viewers.

Now, he�s using that You Tube channel to spread the word about �Legos for Love� and his current plans for the project. After donating sets to children at all of the nearby hospitals, Blake is planning to give sets to families in need for Christmas presents.

�We are donating all the money we get from here on out is going to people in need of money for presents for their families,� he said in a recent video. �Yeah, this should be fun!� he added.

While Blake is still young, and his project certainly has room to grow, his mother thinks the kindness �bug� he has caught is here to stay.

“I think he will do big things in this world,” his mother said. “And I’m excited to watch that.”

You can contribute to Legos for Love by visiting the project�s GoFundMe page. You can also keep up to date with the project by liking and following the Legos for Love Facebook page.

(Source: images & video Legos for Love Facebook)

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