Single Mother Surprised With New Car At Work

It was just another day of work for Bridgett Jones at a Chick-fil-A restaurant outside of Fort Worth, TX. What she didn�t know was the surprise that was in store for her that day would change her life, all thanks to a co-worker who nominated her for a �Christmas Wish.�

Jones is a single mother of two and she�s had her share of hardships, including living out of her car for a period of time when she started working at the restaurant. However, through all of her struggles, Jones always comes to work with a smile and shows kindness to everyone she meets.  

�Not only was she in those circumstances, she was still coming to work every single day with no excuses, and just loving on the people that were in this place, including its employees,� her manager told KLTY. �So she means a lot to us.�

(Source: Amy Senger Facebook)

To help her out, her friend Amy nominated Jones for a local radio station�s Christmas Wish program. 

�With my kids, it�s not �can we go to Chick-fil-A�, it�s �can we go see Bridget�, so I just felt like, someone needs to know about this,� Amy said in a letter to 94.9 KLTY. �She�s so deserving.�

So, KLTY joined forces with Dane Minor of Freeman Toyota, who was coincidentally looking for just the right person to surprise with a new car. Later, Minor and KLTY reporter Bonnie Curry pulled up to the drive through at Chick-fil-A to surprise Jones at work. 

(Source: 94.9 KLTY)

When they explained who they were to Jones and why they were there, she broke down in tears.

�Bridget, this is your car,� Curry said from the passenger seat. �No, it�s not!� Jones replied, in shock.

(Source: 94.9 KLTY)

Jones� friends and co-workers escorted her out to the parking lot where she got to take a look at her new wheels. There wasn�t a dry eye in sight as Minor handed her the keys. Then, KLTY shared another surprise � they gifted Jones $2,000 to catch up on bills and groceries. 

Others commented on how Jones was the perfect person to get a wish granted.

�She�s so deserving, one of her co-workers said. �She�s such a great person, and she�s been through a lot.�

(Source: Amy Senger Facebook)

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Inspired by this incredible act of kindness? You may not be able to give away a car this holiday season, but you can still bless someone with kindness. You can surprise your favorite barista or grocery store cashier with a small gift, or you can do something to help those less fortunate, like making a donation to the Salvation Army. Let�s #StartSomethingGood together.

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