Rare Coin Worth $1,500 Found In Salvation Army Kettle

It�s that time of year, when volunteers post up next to red kettles and ring bells to collect donations for the Salvation Army. The �bell ringers� typically start collecting on Black Friday after Thanksgiving and they wrap up after Christmas.


Recently, a bell ringer in Indiana came across something unusual in his little red bucket. When sorting through the crumpled dollar bills and pocket change, Salvation Army staff came across a gold coin � but it wasn�t just any coin.


Turns out, it was a 1915 Corona Austrian gold coin valued at $1,500. And the best part? The man who collected the ruble outside of a Walgreens in Noblesville is named Bond. James Bond. And Bond was just as surprised as everyone else to find out what was clinking around in his kettle. 


“It is really cool,” Bond (pictured below) told RTV6. “I hear about that stuff in the news, but now it’s with me, so I feel like I’m part of this big thing that people really care about.”

While every donation is appreciated, the organization says it�s even more special when they get something so valuable.


�It just means so much … because it means that they went out of their way to do something extra special,” Sam Hyde, a Salvation Army spokesman for Indiana, told the Indianapolis Star


Apparently, it�s not the first time that someone left a large ticket item in a red kettle. Hyde says they�ve found other valuable coins, weddings rings, and even the �occasional gold tooth.�


Bond says he started as a bell ringer that year because he needed a job.


“But when they said we are the army behind the Army, it just made sense to me that I can ring a bell and make a difference,” he said.


Funds from the Salvation Army kettles will help families seeking assistance for rent, utilities and food.

Bond was awarded the #indygoldkettle earlier this month due to his “outstanding personality.” Way to go, James!


You can contribute to the Salvation Army by tossing cash into a red kettle, or you can make a donation online. Most kettle locations now offer the opportunity to make a mobile payment (so now you can�t use the excuse that you don�t have any cash!). Let�s #StartSomethingGood together.  

(Source: images The Salvation Army Fountain Square Facebook)

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