Man Gives $12K In Toys To Low-Income Families In His Hometown

A man wearing a Santa hat passed out toys to children at four apartment complexes in the town of Harrisonburg, VA on Saturday. It wasn�t a trial run from the North Pole, but a special visit from someone who wanted to pay it forward in a community he once called home. 


Adam Armstrong used to live in the Harris Garden Apartments and he has fond memories of the place, even if it was a little rough for him growing up.


“I remember Harrisonburg being a friendly small town,” he told Today. “I remember government housing and a lot of poverty, crimes, drugs, violence and things of that nature. Every time I see kids, I know it’s not their fault where they are.”

Sara Lewis-Weeks, the property manager of Harrison Gardens, said she met Armstrong the previous week when he came by and said that he would be back with toys for all of the kids who live in the complex.


“He comes in and says, `What are you doing on Saturday? I’d like to give away a lot of toys’ and I’m like, `Yeaaah, I don’t know about that,’ ” Lewis-Weeks said. �I’m very skeptical at that point.”


After he left, Lewis-Weeks looked Armstrong up and saw that he was doing well for himself in the real estate industry, so she made flyers with the details about the toy giveaway and passed them out to families at the complex.


And just like he promised, Armstrong returned to the apartment complex that weekend in a moving truck and started handing out gifts to the crowd of excited kids gathered in the parking lot. Armstrong and a few helper ‘elves’ unloaded brand new bikes, remote control cars, and boxes of puzzles and games � all for kids he never met, but felt like he shared a common bond with.

(Source: WHSV-TV)

�The kids were so innocent and sweet,� Armstrong told the Washington Post. �They�d say, �Thank you.� Some would be shy or reluctant.

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Armstrong passed out over $12K worth of toys that day, and along with Harrison Gardens he stopped at three other low-income housing complexes to give away toys to families in need. 

“You can�t put a price on looking at these kids� happy faces.� – Adam Armstrong

Armstrong said he�s been contributing toys to different organizations each year, but this time around he wanted to have a bigger role in passing them out.


�Some of them have nothing, and to be able to give them a small toy � the reward and the pleasure was mine.�

(Source: WHSV-TV)

Inspired by Armstrong�s incredible act of kindness? You may not be able to buy $12K worth of toys to pass out to kids in need, but there are other ways to make a child�s holiday brighter. You can donate to a Toys for Tots program (click here to find a drop off location in your area), or you can organize a toy drive at your job or in your community (this article has some good tips on how to get started). Let�s #StartSomethingGood together.

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