Man Gets Hundreds Of Calls From Kids Who Think He’s Santa

Typically, when someone calls with the wrong number you politely let them know and hang up the phone. But, for one man in Macon, GA, it�s an opportunity to make a child�s Christmas wish come true.


Scott Chalkley has been impersonating Santa Claus for eight years now, but it�s not something he set out to do � it just sort of happened. He has a similar cellphone number to the one Google lists as Santa�s hotline in Georgia, so around this time of year, the calls start coming in from kids all over the state. He even changed his voicemail greeting to a message from Santa.

(Source: WRAL-TV)

“I started to imitate Santa Claus and they’d tell me what they want and hope that they were on the good list and I’d encourage them to stay there,” Chalkley told CBS News.

You can click here to listen to some of the very entertaining voicemails that Chalkley has gotten from kids over the years. We don’t know how legit some of them are, but they’ll definitely make you smile!

(Source: WRAL-TV)

Chalkley has answered calls from kids asking for everything from pet fish to hoverboards, and while he has two sons of his own, he tries to make the time to talk to everyone that calls. His ability to sound like the real Santa is actually pretty impressive, especially since the 32-year-old creative director looks nothing like jolly old Saint Nick.


Now, he�s bringing even more holiday cheer to his community by partnering with Merrie Christmas, an organization that helps to provide Christmas gifts to families in need in Georgia. The United Way’s Merrie Christmas project was started by Mike and Nancy Kaplan in memory of their late daughter, Merrie Kaplan. 

Chalkley is hoping that those who come across his story will be inspired to donate to the organization and help spread Christmas cheer, like he has. You can donate to the Merrie Christmas project by clicking here.  

Inspired by Chalkley�s sweet act of kindness? You might not be able to impersonate Santa Claus on the phone for hundreds of children, but you can find the time to make someone�s day brighter by being kind. Holding the door for someone or smiling at strangers are easy ways to make those around you feel good. Let�s #StartSomethingGood together.

(Source: images Scott Chalkley Facebook)

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