Girl Overcomes Disability To Deliver Holiday Cards In Her Community

Angel Farley hasn�t had the easiest life. The 11-year-old was born without a femur and hip socket, so when she was born her leg was attached directly to her hip. She had her leg amputated last year and now gets around with the help of a prosthetic, which has helped her mobility quite a bit.

Even with her disability, Angel (pictured below) has made it her mission to spread Christmas cheer in her village in Kent, England. For the past few years, she�s been hand delivering holiday cards to people who might be lonely or have disabilities of their own.

She first got the idea after she asked her mom who else she could send cards to aside from her classmates.

�It just got me thinking. I spoke with Angel about the idea of asking on Facebook if anyone would like a card from her,� Angel�s mother, Holly Farley, told Metro News. �That�s when she told me that she thinks it would be nice to send cards to other people with disabilities and other people who might be forgotten at Christmas. It just went from there.�

Another motivating factor for sending the cards came after the community pitched in to help Angel with her prosthetic last year.

�During her recovery, people in the village we had never met donated money for Angel,� Holly said. �It was a real eye opener. We felt like we needed to do something to show our appreciation so decided to expand the card giving.�

So far this year, Angel has written and delivered 1,064 greeting cards � 10 times more the amount she sent last year. Her 9-year-old sister helps with the writing, and their parents encourage them to only work on the project when they want to, so it doesn�t become overwhelming.

�We don�t want it to become a chore, so we only do it when the girls want to, Angel�s dad Rob said. �Angel and her nine-year-old sister Mikayla sit at a little table and fill them in, bless them.�


Holly said Angel has been flooded with messages on Facebook from people thanking her and sending their blessings.

�We are so happy to be able to give something back to the people in the village,� Holly said. �It�s a really special community.�

Inspired by Angel�s incredible act of kindness? You might not have the time to write and deliver cards to everyone in your community, but you can write cards for a local organization (like Meals on Wheels) or you can write holiday cards to troops for Holiday Cards 4 Our Military. Let�s #StartSomethingGood together.

(Source: images Holly Farley Facebook)

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