How An Officer Came To The Rescue Of An Upset Woman At The DMV

After receiving a call about a disturbance at a Department of Motor Vehicles office in Los Angeles, CA, Officer Randy Rodriguez jumped in his squad car and rushed to the scene.


When he arrived to the DMV he saw a woman at the counter who was visibly distraught. She was trying to communicate with the clerk using American Sign Language, but nobody in the office could understand what she was saying.


Without hesitation, Rodriguez stepped in and started signing with the woman. He found out that she was there to apply for a new identification card, a relatively easy and common procedure at the DMV.

(Source: CHP Facebook)

The woman was relieved when she was able to communicate with Rodriguez and she completed the forms for her new ID. When it came time to pay the fee, and the woman came up a few dollars short, Rodriguez quickly agreed to cover the rest of the cost for her. 


In a beautiful exchange, the woman signed thank you and smiled warmly at the officer. 


CHP Headquarters shared the Los Angeles office�s video on Twitter and wrote that Rodriguez �is proof that CHP officers are willing to go above and beyond the call of duty, and that the women and men of this Department truly are a part of the community in which they serve.�


Likes and comments started pouring in from people all over the country.


�Beautiful, everyone deserves to be treated with respect,� one user wrote. �This officer deserves the positive recognition.�


Another responded, �Now THIS is what interactions with police look like when they truly �protect and serve�.�

Thanks to the kindness and quick action of Officer Rodriquez who was able to help the woman and calm a tense situation.

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