“Chelsea’s Charity” Gets Art Supplies To Kids Who Need Them Most

For Chelsea Phaire, art is not just a fun thing to do, it�s also an exercise in healing. The Danbury, CT native calls it her �super power� and says it makes her �heart go �ahhhhh.’� So, when she realized not every kid has the same access to art supplies that she does, she knew she had to do something.


For her 10th birthday, she asked for donations of art supplies instead of birthday gifts so that she could start putting together kits for other children. The fundraiser was a success, so after gathering a few more materials she started �Chelsea�s Charity,� a non-profit dedicated to giving arts supplies and lessons to children.

Since she started the charity, Chelsea has sent over 500 kits to schools and homeless shelters. After the tragic shooting that took place in El Paso, TX earlier this year, Chelsea and her mother visited an elementary school there and passed out 130 of her personalized art kits to students. She even gave them an art lesson on how to draw characters with �Chelsea eyes.�


�It was a very traumatic experience, so I thought maybe if I give the kids art kits � we made a lot of them � I thought it would bring them happiness during a time of great despair,� Chelsea told NBC-CT.

The kits include basics like colored pencils, markers and paper � and all of them include an inspiring, handwritten note from Chelsea. While she has already provided kits to students in New York, Connecticut and Texas, she hopes to spread her message far and wide. Her next big project will be getting kits into the hands of patients at St. Jude Children�s Hospital.


�I want to deliver to St. Jude�s Children�s Hospital because I think a lot of kids that are in the hospital, going through cancer, they just need a little happiness,� she said.


We think it�s great that someone so young can make such a big difference by sharing her passion with others. Way to #StartSomethingGood, Chelsea! 


For information on how to donate to Chelsea�s Charity, you can email chelseascharity24@gmail.com or fill out the contact form on the charity�s website


(Source: images & video Candy Barriteau Phaire Facebook)

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