Boy Stuck In Hospital Asks For Holiday Cards

There�s nothing worse than being stuck in the hospital during the holidays. Carlos Rohan knows this all too well. The 6-year-old has been at Boston Children�s Hospital for the last 95+ days as he waits for a heart transplant surgery to save his life. 


Carlos was born with a rare condition called unbalanced atrioventricular, which caused a large defect in the center of his heart. He�s had two open heart surgeries before he was 2 years old, and after he got sick in August, doctors said he had to stay in the hospital until he receives a new heart.

To distract him from the long days spent in a hospital bed, Carlos and his mom, Sheena Cossette, have put out a call for holiday cards to decorate the boy�s room and help bring him some much-needed holiday cheer.


�He sees a lot of the kids come and go, and he�s starting to question when he�s going to get to go, and we tell him when he gets a new heart,� Cossette told Boston 25 News. �But with the holidays coming, we�re trying to make it as best as we can here.�


Cossette posted a video to Facebook of Carlos asking people to send him holiday cards to put up in his room.

While they haven�t secured a heart for Carlos yet, Cossette (pictured below with her son) is hoping for a Christmas miracle, although sadly, in order for Carlos to get a transplant, that would mean another child would pass away � a sentiment that is not lost on Cossette.


�If I had a message to send to anyone, I couldn�t imagine being on the other end,� she said. �But just know overall if you did want to donate, you would be saving someone else�s life, and parents like me who are waiting, that would be one of the greatest gifts you could give.”

You can send cards to Carlos at the following address: 


Boston Children�s Hospital

Cardiac Unit 8 East

c/o Carlos Rolon

300 Longwood Ave.

Boston, MA 02115

(Source: images & video Sheena Cossette Facebook)

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