Amazon Driver’s Reaction To Woman’s Act Of Kindness Goes Viral

Every year, Kathy Ouma leaves a basket of candy bars, beverages and other treats on her front porch with a note for delivery drivers to take what they�d like. It�s cold this time of year in Ouma�s home state of Delaware, and she wants to be sure the drivers are rewarded for braving the elements to bring her packages.


Ouma has a Ring camera installed in her home, so when she noticed that she had recorded footage of a driver�s reaction when he saw the basket, she knew she had to share it.


Here�s the clip. Be sure your volume is turned up to get the full effect!


In the video, the Amazon Prime Driver, who has now been identified as Karim Earl Reed III, approaches Ouma�s porch with a package. You can see him read the sign and he exclaims, �Aw, this is so nice!� 

Reed searches through the basket and chooses his goodies, the whole time commenting on what a sweet gesture it is. Then, in perhaps the best part of the video, he proceeds to do a �happy dance� on his way back to his van.


Ouma has two cameras installed, so the moment was captured from two different angles. Each one a visual reminder of how even the smallest acts of kindness can have big results.


Check out Reed�s celebratory shimmy from another angle. 


Ouma posted the videos to Facebook with the caption: �THIS!???? Made my day! I leave goodies out every year. Middletown, Delaware. #AmazonPrime.� Presently, the post has 90K reactions and has been shared over 258,000 times.


�I�m going to steal your idea! Thank you for doing this,� one user commented. 


Other people said they would do the same thing at their homes, but that squirrels (and neighborhood kids) would likely take all of the treats for themselves. Another person asked if she ever left wine out for people, with the hashtag #askingforafriend. 


Either way, it�s a wonderful example of how anyone can do an act of kindness and brighten someone�s day � especially if there are snacks involved!

(Source: images & video Kathy Ouma Facebook)

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