Pop Singer Sia Buys Groceries For People At Walmart

When you�re out shopping for groceries the last person you expect to run into is a famous, award-winning musician.


That�s exactly what happened to people last week in Palms Springs, CA when they found out that their groceries were being paid for by a shopper named �Cici,� who said that she was helping people out with her recent �lottery winnings.�

Turns out, the generous shopper was actually the musician Sia, and even though she intended to keep her act of kindness undercover, people soon figured out Cici�s real identity. While the pop singer typically performs in costumes and wigs that cover half of her face, she was in regular clothes that day with her hair pulled back, which made it even more difficult to recognize her.


One of the lucky Walmart customers, Adri Buckles, captured the sweet moment on her phone and later posted it to social media. The clip showed Sia chatting with the customers in line as she paid for their items, and one of the people she helped gave her a small bouquet of flowers to thank her for her kindness. �Thank you,� she said after giving the woman a hug. �That was very sweet.�

(Source: @mexicanlocaaa)

Buckles apologized in her post for telling people who the singer was once she figured it out, but she justified it by saying, �But this kindness must be acknowledged!� 


Even though Sia has sold millions of records and has performed in front of sold-out crowds all over the world, we�re sure she made a lot of people smile that day by just being a good person.

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Inspired by Sia�s incredible act of kindness? You may not be able to pay for groceries for every customer in a store, but you can pay it forward in smaller ways, like paying for a couple�s check at dinner or buying groceries for the person in line behind you. Let�s #StartSomethingGood together. 

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