Elementary School Students Raise Over $600 During Book Fair

The chill in the air isn�t just the first sign that winter is coming, it signifies the Arctic Adventure Book Fair at Ingomar Elementary School (IES) in McCandless, PA, just north of Pittsburgh. When you hear book fair, the first thing that comes to mind is simply the opportunity for students to buy books. However, the book fair at IES is so much more. Through after-school events and special activities, Ingomar students were able to truly grasp the importance of reading in a really fun and family-supported environment.


Students and their families experienced a taste of Arctic living through interactive activities that included: exploring an igloo made of 400, one-gallon containers; an Iditarod Race where students rode a cart �pulled� by a stuffed animal sled dog; a River Run where students sat in a canoe and towed their supplies across the icy river; ice-fishing; penguin waddle where yes, you guessed it, students dressed up as penguins and balanced an egg on their feet as they waddled a distance; narwhal ring toss; and lastly a Northern Lights experience. 


During the week of the book fair, Ingomar held an “All for Books” Penny War where students brought in loose change, amounting to $606.02, to support 30 amazing teachers who signed up for a Polar Plunge Challenge. Whichever team of teachers had the highest amount of change had to plunge into an inflated pool of icy water while the students cheered them on. In partnership with What Would You Do For Reading Challenge, the Polar Plunge and “All for Books” Penny War boosted students� excitement for books and was an opportunity for them to support others in the community. Scholastic will match the monetary donations with book donations to get books into the hands of underserved children.



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