10 Year Old Collects 1,000 PJs And Books For Homeless Shelters

While most 10-year-olds are gearing up for the holidays by picking out their Christmas gifts and starting snowball fights, Dominic Miller of Eastpointe, MI is busy gathering supplies for his 7th annual pajama and book drive.

He calls his fundraiser �Dominic�s Christmas Wish� and this year his goal is to collect 1,000 pairs of pajamas and 1,000 books to donate to local homeless shelters. He started the project when he was just 3 years old, and he�s been working hard every year since to make sure underprivileged families get a special gift for the holidays, just like everybody else.  

“This is his life. This is what he�s going to do, and I think he�s going to change the world,” Rose Marie Miller, Dominic�s grandmother and guardian, told Good Morning America.

Dominic was inspired to start the donation drive after seeing a story on the Disney Channel where a little girl started a library in her front yard. He wanted to do something like she did to help his own community. He noticed people sleeping outside on benches and getting food out of trash cans, so he started collecting items that would help them. That first year, Dominic donated 68 pairs of PJs and dozens of books to a homeless shelter.

The project grew each year and Dominic began leaving drop boxes outside of local businesses. He holds several charity events throughout the holiday season. A recent event raised $1,800 for his cause!

Dominic�s grandmother says the boy is a natural when it comes to running his own business. He�s gotten heavy discounts from a few retailers who allow him to go on shopping sprees around the holidays.

“He doesn�t take no for an answer. I keep telling him he could sell ice cubes to an Eskimo,” Miller said.

While Dominic makes being a real-life Santa look easy, he�s had his share of difficulties. He was born with a mild case of cerebral palsy and he had a stroke when he was five years old that left him with epilepsy. In addition to his health issues, Dominic�s doesn�t have contact with his biological parents. He had been living with his grandmother and they lost their home.

Now, things are looking much better. Dominic was officially adopted by his grandmother last May, which has made a big difference.

“He’s a whole different kid because for the first time in his life, he feels like he�s a family.” – Rose Marie Miller

Despite the many obstacles he has faced, Dominic never stopped his annual campaign to get pajamas and books to families in need. He�s hoping to make �Dominic�s Christmas Wish� an official non-profit so that he can continue his efforts and make the project even bigger in years to come.

“He�s so passionate about what he does,” Miller said. “I can�t even imagine where he�s going to go.”

If you�re in the Eastpointe, MI area you can take part in �Dominic�s Christmas Wish� by visiting any of the participating businesses and leaving items in the designated drop boxes. For a list of businesses taking part in the project, check out the campaign�s Facebook group.

If you�re not in Michigan, you can mail items to Dominic using the following address:

C/O Rose Marie Louise Miller

Dominic’s Christmas Wish

15325 Evergreen Ave

Eastpointe, Mi 48021

Just make sure the items you sent are NEW, as requested by the shelters. Visit the campaign�s Facebook group for more information.

(Source: images & video Dominic’s Christmas Wish Facebook)

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