Man Risks His Life To Pull Driver From Burning Car

Edward Cyr would tell you he just did what anyone would do in a life or death situation. But what Cyr did for a complete stranger was nothing short of heroic.

Cyr and his wife were recently driving down a street in Stafford, CT when they saw a car on fire. �We kind of see a car looks like it�s on fire and as we get close to him, we noticed there was man inside,” Cyr told NBC Connecticut. That man was Glenwood Little. He was headed home with fuel for his generators, when one of the cans spilled in his back seat. �I heard the can and I hear this ‘doosh, doosh.’ like the gas is leaking out. I had a cigarette going, next thing I know, boom!” he told the TV station.

(Glenwood Little, left, and Edward Cyr, right)

Little couldn’t get out of his seat belt. Cyr jumped from his car, ran across the street, and even though the car was about to explode, opened Little’s door, unbuckled the belt and pulled him out. A surveillance camera caught the whole drama on tape:

As soon as Cyr got Little out of the car, he ripped off Little’s coat and hat, which were on fire. Miraculously, an ambulance was nearby and pulled up to the scene, rushing Little to the hospital. Firefighters say without Cyr’s quick action, Little would surely have burned to death.  

The fire department presented Cyr with an award for his heroism. Little, who is still recovering from his burns, was able to be at the ceremony and thank his rescuer. �For him to do what he did, you know I�m here to spend a little bit more time with my grandchildren.”

(Images & video: Stafford Fire Department No. 1 Facebook page)

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