“Turkey Trot” Participants Race for a Good Cause

On this chilly Thanksgiving morning, the streets of Pittsburgh’s North Shore were filled with runners participating in the 29th annual YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh Turkey Trot, a series of races ranging from 1 to 5 miles to benefit YMCA Food Pantry programs and the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank.  

Roughly 7,200 people of all ages and abilities took part in the race. One of the goals of the event was to raise 10,000 lbs. of donated food and, while the final total has yet to be tallied, YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh President & CEO Kevin Bolding is optimistic that they met that goal. “I’ve seen a lot [of food], so we’ll see.” says Bolding. “I think we’ll probably get really close.”  

He certainly has a reason to be optimistic – last year’s Turkey Trot hit the 10,000 mark with pounds of donated food and also raised over $285,000 for the community.  

The event drew all sorts of participants – children, elderly people, and more cute dogs than time would allow me to meet. Several people ran in festive costumes, like Josh Nichols, who sported a full-body turkey costume (and he wasn’t the only one).  “It’s fine for about the first three miles, but then that third mile, it hit.” said Nichols. “Right now, I’m sweating like no one’s business.”

This baby figured out the best way to “run” 5 miles

If you missed this chance to participate or donate, consider a donation to your local YMCA by clicking here. Or let us know of other ways that you help out in your community and help your fellow Sparkt readers put the “giving” back in “Thanksgiving.”

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