Motorcycle Club Buys All Of The Bikes At Walmart For Charity

When you think of the notorious motorcycle club, the �Hells Angels,� you might not think charity is their top priority. However, one chapter, led by longtime member Merl Hefferman, is doing their part to prove you wrong.

Hefferman and other members of the Fresno Hells Angels chapter are gearing up to buy hundreds of kids’ bikes, which they�ll donate to a local non-profit. In 2014, Hefferman and his pals waited in line for five days outside of the store so that they could buy every single one of the bikes ahead of the company�s Black Friday sale. Last year, the club donated over 1,700 bikes!

Here are the stacks of bikes Merl and his crew purchased in 2014…

(Source: Jason Gobeli Facebook)

This is the 21st year the Hells Angels have been doing their toy drive, and Merl says it�s been the hardest one yet. In a video he posted to his Facebook page on Sunday, he expressed his frustration and said that he�s having trouble recruiting volunteers this time around to help with the project.

(Source: Merl Hefferman Facebook)

�You know, you always get them people that say, �Hey man I�m going to help you do this and do that,� because it takes everybody to do it,� he said. �And so far those people ain�t came across.�

Merl went on to say that he�s worried he won�t be able to get the project done this year and he doesn�t want to let the kids down.

�But, I know my heroes are out there,� he continues. �And I know we have never quit, and we have never failed. We�re not gonna let these kids fail.�

(Source: Merl Hefferman Facebook)

In his video, Merl put out a call for donations of money and time so that they can purchase the bikes and get them assembled before the giveaway event on December 7th. He called on his friends from �near and abroad� to help out if they can. 

�When you give the kids the bikes, you feel warm and fuzzy inside and you see all their smiles. It�s an awesome feeling.� – Merl Hefferman

We hope that Merl can rally the troops to make this year�s toy drive a huge success.

If you�re interested in helping out Merl and his crew, you can visit the HAMC Fresno website for more information. He�s also invited people to message him on Facebook if they�d like to get involved. 

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