Students Pack Over 2,000 Lunches For Families In Need In Their Community

Students at Cox High School in Virginia Beach are gearing up for the holiday season in the best way possible � by giving back.

Earlier this month, hundreds of students spent their Friday evening at the school prepping and packing bagged lunches for those in need in their community. The annual #lunchbag event grows bigger every year, and this time the students had a goal of packing 1,700 lunches in 30 minutes to beat last year�s record of 1,500.

�It�s amazing how we can have so many people from Cox High School come after school on a Friday to make as many bagged lunches for those who are less fortunate. I just find it amazing that a school is so close like that,” Junior Organizer Gresham Wall told ABC13-TV.

Food and supplies for the lunches are donated to the school by local organizations, parents and students in the community. Each lunch contains a sandwich, a healthy snack, a bag of chips and a handwritten motivational note written by a student.  

After forming a makeshift assembly line, the students got to work packing lunches at breakneck speeds. A few students who were in charge of counting the finished bags announced, after only 30 minutes, that they exceeded their goal of 1,500 lunches. By the end of the afternoon, the crew had packed nearly 2,100 � by far their largest number to date. 

Following the event, the students and their parents loaded up their cars with bags and drove them to The Union Mission Ministries, where the lunches will be distributed to those less fortunate in their community. 

What an awesome way to give back. We�re sure their efforts will go a long way in helping others stay fed this holiday season.

Inspired by the students� act of kindness? There are many ways to give back to your own community this holiday season. Check out local Food Bank drives, or you can sign up to help serve the homeless on Thanksgiving. Contacting the soup kitchen nearest you is a good place to start. 

Let�s #StartSomethingGoodTogether. 

(Source: images Frank W. Cox High School Falcon Press News)

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