Couple Who Won “Win a Baby” Radio Contest Welcomes Healthy Baby Boy

You can enter contests to score free concert tickets on the radio or maybe some cash, but winning a baby?


The idea was the brainchild of Florida radio personality Jason �Big Mama� Jones. After Jones and his wife struggled with infertility, he’s made it his mission to help other couples in similar situations.


The winners of the contest get a free round of in vitro fertilization, which can carry a price tag of up to $23,000 per cycle. Krista and Anthony Rivera entered the �Win a Baby� contest in 2017 after they got news that Anthony, who had been diagnosed twice with testicular cancer, would not be able to have children due to the multiple rounds of radiation therapy. To increase their chances of conceiving in the future, the couple decided to freeze a sample of Anthony�s sperm.


“It was hard enough having to see my husband go through that and worry about the future with him and then to know that we probably couldn’t have children was just heart-wrenching,” Krista told CBSNews.

That�s when a family friend urged them to enter the �Win a Baby� radio contest. Krista is a middle school teacher and Anthony is a youth baseball coach, so they couldn�t afford to pay for the procedure on their own. When Krista heard about the contest, she submitted a video entry and hoped for the best. 


“I just kind of put our story together, told them how we met and how much we loved each other and how much we wanted a family and why we had to put those plans on hold,” Krista said.


After learning that they won the contest live on Jones� radio show, they were hopeful that they would finally get the baby they dreamed of.


“It’s life changing,” Krista told Fox4-TV. “A cruise is great and all, but they literally gave us the gift of life.�

Check out the moment when Krista and Anthony learn they’ve won the contest live on Big Mama’s show…

(Source: Big Mama Facebook)

Fast forward two years and the couple recently welcomed a healthy baby boy named Garrett � all thanks to a radio show host with a heart of gold. 


“I always say I come in every morning to make miracles happen and to make dreams come true,” Jones said. “And that’s what I feel like I did with this one.”


Adding to the Rivera family�s good fortune, Anthony is now in remission and has been cancer-free for almost two years.

The radio station plans on holding the contest annually. Last year�s winners are currently undergoing IVF and hope to start their family soon.

While you have to live in the southwest Florida area in order to enter the contest, if you�re currently experiencing fertility issues there are a number of resources available.


You can find a local support group through the National Infertility Organization, or you can look into grant and discount programs that are available nationwide. If you�re not experiencing infertility but would like to help those who are, you can consider donating to an organization that helps families get the treatment they need, like the Kevin J. Lederer Foundation


Let�s work together to #StartSomethingGood. 

(Source: images Krista and Anthony Rivera Facebook)

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