Woman Given New Car After Hers Was Stolen

Barbara Brown hasn�t been having the best luck. Her car was stolen from a gas station last week in Grand Rapids, MI. Shortly after, it was found crashed in Wyoming. Unfortunately, Brown only had property damage insurance on the vehicle, so she wasn�t going to be reimbursed.

While Brown admits she made a mistake in leaving the car running at the gas station while she ran into the store, she didn�t think it would be taken so quickly.

�I wasn�t in there more than three minutes, I swear, and my car was gone,� she told Wood8-TV

The situation was especially upsetting for Brown who is disabled and relies on her car to get to and from doctor�s appointments. Her daughter set up a GoFundMe page to help get her mother a new car, but they knew it could be some time before they raised money to make it happen.

�I cried for two days,� an emotional Brown relayed to reporters. �Like I said, that was my transportation to and from my doctor�s, and just to go to the store.�

After News 8 aired her story on Tuesday, Brown�s luck began to change.   

When Andrew Heykoop, the owner of Eagle Towing in Muskegon County, heard what happened, he was inspired to help. Heykoop owns a used car dealership, so he decided to give her one of the cars from his lot. He says he was moved to donate the car after he heard Brown�s concerns about not having a car to take care of her health.

�I hope this changes her life where she can get back and forth from the doctor�s appointments that she needs to get to,� Heykoop said. �That she can continue her life without being disrupted from the unfortunate events that happened of her car being stolen.�

When Heykoop delivered the car to Brown�s home on Wednesday, she was overcome with emotion. She hugged him and thanked him for his generous gift.

�Saw the bad side and now here�s part of the good side that people do feel compassion,� Brown said.

�There�s a lot of good people that do look and see the needs of others.” – Barbara Brown

The moment brought tears to Brown�s eyes, but this time it was for a much different reason.

�Now I�m crying with happiness,� Brown said. �This is different crying.�

Thanks to Mr. Heykoop Brown is back on the road and able to do what she needs to do to take care of herself.

�It feels good,� Heykoop said. �It just felt real good to do something positive.�

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(Source: images Wood8-TV)

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